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Published: 27th October 2009
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Slippers are a type of footgear that is partially closed with a strap between toes and can be used mainly for indoor purposes in general. They are soft textured and have light weight to protect wearer's foot with foremost ease. There are plenty of latest and trendy slipper brands that are available in the market today. Acorn slippers have placed top rank in sale of highly outstanding and trendy slippers.

Acorn slippers are earth-friendly and are made of leather that has clean holes for optimal breathing. Most of these slipper models will have mesh lining inside to wick away moisture and offers a smooth and healthy feet. Acorn slippers have C-Nova removable insole and a rubber outsole that gives anti-grip protection to the wearers. There are many patterns of Acorn slippers like Acorn highlander, faux chinchilla mule, sensorial scuff, kiki thong, travel moc, winter caftan etc.

Acorn slippers provide good easiness to rest the feet by maintaining the foot cool and dry all the time. The rubber outsole is weatherproof and so it suits all the climatic conditions. Some of the Acorn models also use cotton canvas uppers with molded EVA removable footbed to add dual softness to the feet and some models have rich nubuck upper, cozy cool wool blend, embroidered wool, terry etc for their upper make. It is very easy to care these slippers as it can be machine wash and dry. Acorn slippers are available in plenty of mind blowing colors like black, white, purple, red, sandal, yellow and pine, brown, violet and so on. All the Acorn slippers brands have obtained certification from International Vegan Society and uses natural materials for its make.

It is a fine choice to pick up any of the Acorn slippers to have inexpensive, comfort, quality, style and colourful footgear. Orders can be placed through online sites and get the product right at your door through free shipment and one year warranty certification. Just hurry to comfort your feet with trendy flexible Acorn slippers now and I' m sure that you will not switch on to other brand anymore.

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